Happy Memorial Day

Today we recognize all the soldiers who have fought so hard for our country. I really want you to think about this for a moment.

Regardless of your opinions on war or our nations spending on war you can’t help but admire somebody who is willing to go through that for their country. Some people get drastically changed by war.

One thing that I have learned from working in a nursing home/rehab center is that there are all walks of life that fought for us in war. Some who’ve battled in several wars. Some who’ve traveled the war doing their countries bidding. I’ve seen people who’ve lost limbs, vision, hearing, or even memory because of it. War is an ugly thing.

Remember that today we are not celebrating war, but we are celebrating the heroes who’ve stepped up and fought the hard fight for us. Men and women of every race, religion, ethnicity, and sexual orientation who have done the unthinkable.

Some will forever have nightmares, others who jump at every single noise because they are unsure.

While you are having your cookout I want you to think about our forgotten soldiers. There are some in a nursing home with no friends or family to visit them. Some veterans who are homeless living on a street corner begging for spare change. There are even some buried six feet under ground who go un-visited. Today, do something to celebrate our forgotten heroes. Donate some stuff or some time to a local facility, home, or veterans hospital. Maybe visit a veterans grave.

Today as we celebrate and enjoy our time with family, think of those who didn’t have those opportunities.

Today’s assignment; be happy and be grateful. Share some love.

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