Synchronicity is Gods way of letting you know you’re exactly where you should be.

Synchronicity is defined as the simultaneous occurrence of events which appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection.

Last night I had a friend ask me “Are you religious?” I replied that I’m “kinda” religious. Someone then clarified by asking

“Religious or spiritual?”


I believe in God as both The Creator, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. (I grew up Roman Catholic) I’ve also grown and changed to believe in more than just what they taught me in Catholic school. I believe in reincarnation, past lives, ghosts, tarot, and that God is not only the Creator but also in everything from trees, to people, to stars in our sky.

I read once about synchronicity and the word stuck with me. I often find unrelated things tying themselves neatly together by unknown forces. I read that when things tend to line up like that, it’s Gods way of letting you know you’re exactly where you should be.

I remember once in high school walking down the hall singing a song in my head, someone walking past me in the opposite direction was singing the exact same song out loud, on the exact same line as me.

Coincidence or synchronicity?

I’m currently visiting my home town to see family and friends. The day before I left, one of my residents that I visit with was talking to me about prayer. Let’s call him Duke.

Duke told me I don’t pray for enough. That if I prayed for small things in life I would in fact get small things. If I prayed for God to give me what I deserve, that I’d be spoiled by my riches. Makes sense right?

Fast forward to yesterday. I’m meeting up with my friend and her daughter. Let’s call her Angel and her Daughter Marly. Angel is very religious and very active in her church. She told me there was a video from the most recent service that she wanted to share with me. I told her I’d love to watch it.

For those of you who are religious or curious here’s the link:

International Family Church 6-16-19

Only a few minutes into the sermon I realized that this man, 1,000 miles away from where I work, was giving me the exact same message I’d just heard a few days ago from Mr.Duke. It shocked me! I paused the video, laughing, explaining to Angel that I must really need to hear this message because it was the second time I’d heard it. I then explained the word Synchronicity to her. I said maybe it’s a coincidence or maybe this is what needs to happen.

Angel and I continued watching the video when Marly mentioned the moon looked full. I knew it was called the Strawberry Full Moon but I couldn’t remember what it meant. I went to Facebook where I follow a page I love called Wicca Teachings because I knew they’d have the meaning behind the Strawberry Moon.

Below is the excerpts from the post and I will underline all the things that Angel, Marly and I had already discussed previously in the night:

Tonight is the Full Strawberry Moon, so called because of the abundance of strawberries around at this time. If you have a lover or a love interest give them roses as this Moon is also known as the Rose or the Love Moon. It is the perfect time to patch up relationships, get married or find a new love. The June Moon is also known as the Honey Moon because it has a slight amber tint to it and it is also a time when honey bees are at their most active. This is were we get the term ‘Honeymoon’ a holiday taken after marriage.

The Full Moon is in the sign of Sagittarius which is the sign of truth. Things that were in the dark will now start to come to light, new truths will be revealed. We can look at our lives with more clarity, the veil will be lifted. Sagittarius energy is wise and expansive. Whenever the Full Moon is in Sagittarius it amplifies our thoughts and feelings and brings more information to the surface. It’s almost like this Full Moon is going to give us a magnifying glass so we can see in greater detail what is working and not working in our lives.

After this Full Moon, there is going to be a lot more clarity about what changes or adjustments need to be made and consequently there will be a peace that will follow. We must also look within ourselves and find our own inner truths. You may experience some restless nights and wild and vivid dreams.

Don’t be scared to dream and want for more on this Full Moon, Sagittarius is brave and bold and will give us a boost of courage and ambition. You may feel unstoppable and have a renewed energy. Use this energy to make plans for the future. Be daring and move out of your comfort zone a little, try new things, only by doing this can we learn and grow.

This Full Moon will have our emotions on high alert, especially when it comes to matters of the heart. We will be feeling a little fragile at the moment so be kind and gentle with yourself, don’t be too self critical, try to stay positive and think about all the good in your life rather than the bad. There may be emotional desire to pack up and go off on an adventure or to visit places that bring up sweet memories.

This Full Moon gives us an opportunity to grow in so many ways and have an epic summer, the earth is full of energy and life now, use these energies to inspire you, be creative and go out into nature for long walks see the beauty all around you and embrace all life has to offer. Let the fire element of Sagittarius burn away any negative energy let it heal and cleanse your spirit.

You are getting a huge blast of positive energy from the Cosmos. This is a solar time as we have go into Summer Solstice, these are power days. This is one of the most powerful days of the year. You can feel the shift in your being. The light of the heavens are pouring down into you. No matter how far you have strayed from your path, use the light of this Full Moon to find your way home.

Have a blessed Full Moon, may the God and Goddess watch over you.

You’ll notice that almost the entire length of the post is underlined. As I read it out loud we all reacted shocked! It was like the post summarized our entire conversation. It even references dreaming for more, very similar to what Duke and the sermon we watched were talking about.

It felt very VERY clear that I was being vehemently told to ask for more and to keep being positive and optimistic because it’s working.

A resident, a pastor, and a wiccan Facebook page all gave me the same message. Again I ask, coincidence or synchronicity?

Freaky right? There’s one more layer to the whole puzzle (and one more link I have to share).

A friend of mine from high school published a book recently

Odd Jobs by Jonathan Krieger

Although I’ve had the book for a while I was waiting for my vacation to read it. I had started this blog a couple weeks prior because I realized that I missed writing and that I was often complimented on my writing.

I figured starting a blog would help get me back into what I do best. I thought it would also help get me back into myself and understanding what I need to do with my life. Little did I know that exact thing would be a common theme in the book I started reading.

All these signs keep pointing forward. I was already excited to write more and reading his book simply inspired me even more. Then hearing I need to pray for more and dream bigger has only made me want to do more and move forward.

Now, again I ask, coincidence or synchronicity?

So this time my post is giving you three homework assignments:

1.) Pay more attention. Maybe you’re getting signs that you’re not even acknowledging. The coincidences sprinkled in your life could be pointing you to a message or a particular direction.

2.) Share my blog. If you genuinely enjoy reading it, please feel free to share it. Some of you know me because I’ve posted this on Facebook to a select few friends. I’ve kept it fairly anonymous for now so you can share it with anyone in the world. I’m also open to suggestions and questions. Just realize this baby is still in it’s infancy.

3.) Dream big/ Pray for more. That one seems self explanatory. I can’t be the only one meant to hear those words.

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