Classic Post 4: Lucky’s Eulogy

Lucky’s Eulogy

October 8th, 2010

[I wrote this 9 years ago after having to put down my dog. It was a hard decision and I wasn’t in the room when he was put down. I regretted that decision a lot in life but writing this helped me cope. The bond you have with a pet runs very deep. Here’s a little view into my grief process.]

If Lucky had been a person I’m sure you would have seen an obituary in the paper by now. He may not be a person, but he’s certainly entitled to his due notice.

Lucky, 16, of East Boston Massachusetts died on Wednesday October 6th. He was euthanize due to complications of arthritis of the hip and legs. He leaves behind his owners, his cousin Bosco and his other relatives in the family. A memorial date has yet to be set up, but any further news will be posted.

and a Eulogy to boot.

Hi everyone, we’re all here today to talk about Lucky. About how he touched our lives and how he made us feel. To regail in stories and anecdotes that we’ve experieanced with him. He was a wonderful dog. Smart beyond belief and constantly affectionate. He showed us all that the old cliche “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” didn’t apply to him. At the age of 13 he wowed everyone in his family by starting to obey the commands SIT, Lay down, and surprisingly roll over. He didn’t do it because we asked him to, we did it because he wanted the treat at the end. And isn’t that why we do things in life? For the treats?

I’m one of the lucky people was able to experiance almost every moment of Luckys life. He came into our home shortly after he was born. It was the summer before I started 1st grade. He was so small he could litterally fit in the palm of your hands. I remember waking up to him on my chest. I heard my older brother saying “Be carefull Luigis gonna squish him”. I was so excited to have this new edition to our home. And he seemed eagerly as happy to be a part of it.

“What’s his name?” I remember asking my mother that day.


“Why Lucky?”

“Because you’re Lucky you have him.” She was so right. I think we were all fortunate and Lucky to have such a wonderful animal be a part of our lives. We’d had many animals come and go in our house. The turtles, the hamsters, the cat, the frog, hundreds of fish, three other dogs, and that brief stint with the seahorse. But none of them lasted long enough to really be a major part of my life. Lucky though, he was different, he wasn’t going anywhere.

He chewed up my toys, and he pooped everywhere. But he was a puppy. He didn’t know any better. I did a lot of things as a child too because I didn’t know any better. We really grew up together. My grandmother took to him immiediately as well. Letting him walk on the table on occasion.

She always told this story when people would visit in broken english.

“Lucky one day the pee in my room. I put the nose. I tell him NO! and I hit. No do no more. One day the pee in M room. I put the nose NO!. He no do no more. Bosco. Forgeta”

It was true. Lucky listened, he understood us. Sure he was fresh as a puppy but as he got older he was a lot smarter and he listened alot. I remember when he got a little bit older we tried to take him out for a walk and he didn’t like his leash or collar. If you put it on him he would plop his ass down and wouldn’t move. You could pull and pull all you wanted. He just didn’t like it. It wasn’t him. But if you let him out front he would do his buisness and then come right back to the house. He knew how good he had it. He knew we loved him. He knew where his home was. Even on those rare occasions when he would walk around the whole block, he knew exactly which house was his and would run back to see if the door was open yet, then he’d come running back to me and continue the walk.

I remember another time too, it was Christmas, and we were celebrating it on the first floor, which was a rare thing. And we were all opening gifts and having fun and I swear Lucky was just laying next to me looking up at me with a tear. And I looked around and pulled out a gift for him. And said “Lucky this is for you” and he jumped up tail wagging and when I opened it and gave it to him he took his lil rawhide bone and walked over to the corner having a grand ol time just like everyone else.

That’s one of the things I liked the most about Lucky. He was so much like a person. Often when I talked about him I told people that. “He’s so much like a person.” the looks he would give you sometimes. When he was thirsty he would walk over to his metal water dish and tap his foot in it. He’d do it a few times and if you didn’t give him water he would fling the dish with his paw so it made a loud clatter. He was smart. So smart. All pets have a strong connection with their owners. And I remember many times when I was sad or depressed Lucky would come and sit on the threshold of my door. And he would just sit there and look at me. If i called him he’d come, and if I didn’t he’d lay there waiting. Like he was saying “Hey I’m here if you need me.” I remember one time I closed the door because I was really upset. And he pushed the door open and sat on the floor at the foot of my bed. like “bitch, you know you need me.”

I remember as a kid I could go out front once in a while with my friends T and S. They both lived on my street. And we would just run around in front of my house and have fun. And Lucky was always a part of that. I remember we would all race. My grandmother sitting on the stairs laughing. Saying to do it again. We’d all line up. T, S, Lucky, and I and we’d all run a fast as we could to the house that was the limit. Then we’d all run back. Lucky was just like any other friend I had.

I really loved him. I sneaked him food once in a while, that’s how he got to be so fluffy. And I would brush his hair sometimes. Other times I would just sit there and pet him. Or I’d sit on the floor and the kitchen and play with him. Getting him all riled up.

So many years with so many memories. Then one day out of the blue, it seemed like old age caught up with him all at once. The doorbell rang and he ran to the door like he always did except when he came back he was limping. I thought maybe he’d just hurt himself or something and that it would pass. But it didn’t pass. It got worse. He was hobbeling around, barely able to walk. That was when I said my first goodbye. I thought he was done for. We took him to the vet, and they wanted to put him down right there. We couldn’t bare to. So they offered us some pain pill for him instead. The vet said “When these run out take him back in for a checkup.”

The pills ran out, but we didn’t have the heart to take Lucky back. We started giving him asprin and anything else we could. He had his good days and his bad. Just when we’d thought he was on his last day, he’d start running around. Eventually the running stopped. His tail hadn’t wagged in so long. I hardly remember it. He couldn’t even do the stairs anymore without falling down them. It became a matter of time.

One of the hardest things in the world to do is to wait for someone you love to die. To sit there and pray against everything that they will miraculously be better, but know it’s in vain. And that you simply start waiting for that day. Everytime he fell asleep i’d go over and tap him just to make sure he was ok. And then the day came, two years after the vet inititially wanted to put him down, when his legs just gave out. He couldn’t move anymore, and he was beyond help.

We just couldn’t bare to watch him suffer. Up until then he still ate and still walked around. He just fell sometimes. Lucky hadn’t been himself in such a long time. It was painfull. The decision had to be made, and just like that he was gone. I knew when it was going to happen but it didn’t make it any easier. I came home from work and he just wasn’t there anymore.

God took my best friend.

He took my son.

He took my dog.

He took my Lucky Baby.

And so now we say Goodbye to Lucky. Maybe he’s at peace now. Able to wag his tail again, running around doing all the things he loved to do when he was here with us. He’s probably with Old Man Mick walking around our backyard, waiting for another BBQ. Waiting for the day when we’re all together again.

Lucky losing you was like losing a part of me. Not having you here just makes me so much more aware of how much you really were here. I’ll always carry you in my heart. You’re memories are forever engrained in me. And I pray that when I die there is such a thing as heaven. And when I open the door you’ll be there to great me, just like you always did here.

I love you, and I’ll miss you dearly. I’m sorry I wasn’t there physically for your last moments. But I know you know how much I love you. I was there in spirit, and now your spirit is always with me.

Wait for me Lucky. I’m gonna pet you and chase you and say what I always said to you “Whassa matta Lucky baby? DID YA MISS ME?” because I sure a hell miss you.

My favorite picture of Lucky ever
he liked his comfy beds, before Bosco fucked them up

Forever a good boy.

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