Classic Post #6: I Remember…

I remember…i remember….

May. 24th, 2005 | 06:43 pm
I’m feeling: remembering
I’m hearing: eve-wanna man

[When I wrote this post originally I was 17 years old. I’m not sure who the person is that I’m speaking about in the beginning of the post, but I know this post was a crazy post to re-read. It’s mostly personal references that won’t mean much to anybody else, but it’s a fun exercise that I might do again. Just sit there and remember random little moments of things that have passed. ]

Today was a pretty good day aside from the freezing cold as rain struck my skin like millions of little daggers trying desperately to pierce me…but to no avail. I’ve noticed that I am still continuously happy on a regular bases no matter what curve balls life tries to send my way. First of all, I would like to apologize to Sarah O because I was the one being a bitch this morning I was just a little angry that I missed my friends on TV. My older brother is helping me pick out songs to download because he wants me to make him a CD. He has really good taste 97% of the songs he picks are ones i like.

Just a warning what started out as a small update turned into the biggest rant ever. I’m not done but i gave up..

He has a lot of influence on me I’ve noticed i do a lot of things the way he did…he’s one of the people i respect most in life. I accidentally licked some ducked tape. It was nasty but i like the smell of it. I really like the look of it too.

I’m so ready to make a fucking wallet out of it like everybody else but I’m attached to William (my little black leather hand me down). I have no idea why but I just am really attached to this wallet more so than any other one (save from the Super Mario wallet I had in Kindergarten where I had carefully counted exactly 100 pennies so that I could buy a slush. I later gave 3 pennies to Kristen and told her to go buy herself a Barbie. Kids have no concept of money do they?) I actually remember one time I counted 200 pennies because I wanted to get my brother a slush too.

I also remember we used to share a room bunk beds and everything. We got into a fight over whose room it was so I wrote my name on the door and he said “just the door is yours.” So I wrote my name on the wall and he said “just that wall is yours”. Then he went and told my mom I was writing my name on the walls.

After he moved out of our room is when i started gaining weight really bad. I remember when i was 5 and i was 100 pounds. I remember i wrote on the wall “Sit down”, and my mom flipped out at me for writing all over the walls. I also remember stealing Kenny’s coloring book. It had like Bugs Bunny and Taz and shit. I wonder where Kenny is right now. I wonder if he turned into one of those ghetto kids or if hes a quiet loser… i remember when i was at my 6th birthday and he was there and i used a knife for the 1st time and i cut my finger and my godmother got me a band aid.

The year after that, i  had gone to Liberty Market with my mother to get some supplies and the bags on my hands were too tight and they got all purple and shit and then i was playing Nintendo when Christina gave me my birthday card that she had made and i loved it so much and i asked if she wanted to play (i was playing double dragon) she said no and i was a little upset. I remember my brothers godmother saying “Come on its-a hes-a birthday. You no wanna to play with him. Huh?” She always talked with a thick Italian accent.

I remember Pasqualina the lady across the street she always used to baby sit me. Until she died.

I also remember my uncles second wife Linda. One time we were on the third floor and Thriller was on and i had my head buried in a pillow and she kept saying my brother used to love this. i remember watching The Crypt Keeper in my aunts bedroom. I also remember when we used to watch Horror movies Saturday up there too. Sam would go to blockbuster to rent anything we hadn’t seen. That was my first horror experiences really. I remember  i would fall asleep on her floor and then i would wake up in the middle of the night and wake her up so i could go back down stairs. I remember once when we lost the power until 3AM i was watching cartoon network i was about 7. I also remember the time i fell asleep on her couch chewing gum and woke up and it was stuck all over . She had that couch for like 20 years…the gum stayed with it until she trashed it.

I remember my little miniature Ninja Turtles that i loved and my mom accidentally trashed it and i didn’t talk to her for weeks. I remember i called my mom gay (not knowing what it meant) and she flipped and her boyfriend said “sepapusite” or however you spell it. It was Creole for like OMG. I also remember how he loved Popeye it was his favorite. He used to work out all the time.

I also remember Carolyn and going with her to see Aladdin on ice, and Beauty and the beast on ice, and the circus. She let me borrow beauty and the beast it was the only time i ever saw it. I also remember going to her house once where she gave me a Santa in a red convertible.

That reminds me of Xmas with my dad. I used to doubt Santa until i got a Professor Xavier toy from Santa. Lucky later chewed it up. Lucky also chewed up my penguin in the yellow car. I remember dad had a hole in his sock and saying “Its air conditioning” I remember watching Jurassic Park with Carolyn and my mom. Then we went to Bobs to see MOM where you sat down in a chair that shook as you watched a movie and then we got these little pellets of ice cream that were wikkd yummy. I remember washing leaves and trying to sell them in our no one. I also remember when me and tiff used to talk across the porch

“TIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiifffffffffffffffffffannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!” i would yell. We used to have Kellogg cereal on bagels and talk threw my fence. That was until Samia came and the girls kinda forgot about me. I remember breaking my Grandmas broom and crying because i thought she would kill me. I remember when tiff broke my arm and then we went to children’s hospital and Theresa came with us She was so nice then she bought me books and toys cuz she felt bad. I remember going to IHOP at 2 in the morning on a school night to get pancakes. I remember when my uncle got married to T and she said she couldn’t read english and i was like yeah rite.

I remember going to Martha’s Vineyard with Necca and being afraid i would fall off the boat. I remember asking what language they spoke there. I remember i had a lunch able and then we went out for ice cream. i saw a cardboard cut out of Bill Clinton. I also remember a place that looked like a fairy tale. I remember a light blue sweatshirt i had from story time village. I remember walking in on Darlene when she was on the toilet. I remember they always had cans of soda… i remember Flo saying i would never remember her nickname was twitchel. I still do.

I guess i am trying to say i remember a lot…i could go on but im afraid to….maybe someday i will do this again it felt great. And i know i will remember all of you too.

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