The Butterfly Chronicles

Firstly, I must say that I’m quite surprised it took me this long to write about the Butterfly Chronicles. I’ve been tweeting about it for almost two weeks and I’m not sure how I feel about the situation so I thought I’d write about it here and see if I get any feedback.

Butterfly are not a commonality in the big city of Boston where I lived. Although, you would see them sparingly, you would get to see them in the summer months. More often than not though, you would see the little moth looking yellow or white butterflies.

In Missouri butterfly are not as rare and you’re bound to see them here and there in the summer, or if you go out into the fields and woods possibly far more often. I have lived in Missouri for 3 years now, however what has happened to me the past two weeks has been so odd that I’ve found myself doing research on butterflies and their migratory patterns.

It all started about two weeks ago. I got up from my office chair and looked out the window, only to see a butterfly caught in a giant spiders web. It was right outside my window. I’d never seen such a thing. I’ve seen many bugs caught in a spider web before, but never anything as grand, or as colorful, as a butterfly. It was absoultely a shock to my system to see the pretty little fella caught up in the web.

Outside my bedroom window, I just happened to see this little fella valiantly struggling to get free.

Every few minutes I would stand up and look out the window again just to see him flapping wildly in an attempt to break free. The way I figured there was one of three possible outcomes.

1.) He actually breaks free.
2.) Some scary spider shows up and wraps him up in a web to ingest later
3.) He dies a valiant death while struggling to free himself, either from injury or starvation (Do butterfly even eat?)

After about 30 minutes of my periodic peeks I noticed he was gone. He had made it free. I was so excited for him. At the time I didn’t think anything auspicious of this, I just was cheering a bug because it’s a pretty bug. That’s when things started to get a little weird.

I’ve been living in Missouri for three years now, that’s three full summers and it’s not often that I happen upon a butterfly. Mind you, I walk to work every day, every season, no matter the weather. So if they are around, it’s inevitable that I would see them.

The day after the spiderweb I happen to be walking to work when a butterfly flew right in front of me and landed on a plant near by. I got as close as I could and snapped a photo.

I’ve never been this close to a butterfly in my life. It was a very cool moment for me.

Still, it just felt like a cool little moment where a butterfly happened to be so close and so still that I could capture it’s beauty. I didn’t see any sort of connection.

The next day another butterfly got real close to me though. Cutting my path off as I walked. Then the next day on my walk to work the same thing. Similar type of butterfly impeding my walk to work by flying perpendicular to me so that I had no option but to notice it.

After it happened a few days in a row, I brought it up to my boss. I asked her if she had noticed an abundance of butterflies in the area, because I’d never seen one EVERY day before. She said that she hadn’t seen a butterfly in a while, and couldn’t remember the last time seeing one. I then asked her if it could potentially be a sign. She seemed to be of the mindset that it was most obviously a sign because they kept getting so close to me, as if they WANTED to be noticed.

I brought it up to my mother, because she’s also very into the metaphysical and thought she might have an idea on the subject. My mother thought it might be a spirit either trying to get my attention or letting me know that it was near by. I couldn’t place who it might be. It could have either been my sister-in-law who passed in November possibly trying to send me a sign. It could have also been Old Man Mick who’s passing happened in the month of August, I wasn’t sure.

It continued though, every day I’d see a butterfly crossing my path. Not just beside me but always directly in front of me, to make sure I saw. I started getting excited because it felt like it was a very legitimate sign. My boyfriend (who is not into the metaphysical, or signs, or anything else) said that it probably had to do with global warming effecting their migration patterns.

I started looking up their patterns and the months they are most common around Missouri and found that they are usually around Missouri in the Spring more so than the summer, especially so late in the year. I decided to try and keep an eye on how long this would go on for.

So the other day I was on the phone with my mother again. I was walking to work while she was 0ut and about with my nephew, 1000 miles away from where I am. As we are talking she says out loud “Oh look, a butterfly!” and as she said the words in Boston I noticed a shadow in front of me. I looked up to see a butterfly fluttering in a circle about 3 feet above my head.

Now it was one hell of a coincidence or something more than that. What are the chances that 1000 miles apart we both had a butterfly in front of us at the exact same moment?

The following day, I didn’t have work. I had only been seeing them when I walked to work so I thought I surely wouldn’t see one . My boyfriend and I had plans to go down to Olive and get lunch together and he asked me to drive. We are driving and I get to a red light that’s just before the highway near the city and a butterfly pops up in front of the drivers side of the windshield. Flutters around aimlessly for a few seconds before flying off.

It’s still just a coincidence right? It’s not just seeing them, it’s that they always seem to be flying directly in front of my face.

I tried looking up what butterflies mean in a spiritual sense, since it started to feel like more than a coincidence. They often represent souls (quite like my mother had thought about the situation), they can also be a sign of resurrection, change, hope and life.

It felt auspicious. I’ve been saying for a while now that I feel like there’s a big change coming my way. I’ve been writing with much more frequency in years, and I’m finally starting to read again with regularity for the first time since moving to Missouri. I’m also learning to drive which is a HUGE deal for me, and I’ve been getting better and better (which is expected with anything that you practice I would hope.)

That’s when there was one more coincidence that just seemed to hammer the point home for me. A relative of my boyfriends came over for dinner the other night. She’d lost her husband not long ago and wanted a few things to stay in the family so she gave them to my boyfriend and I. She gave me a ring with a beautiful green stone on it. She kept saying “It’s Moss Agate” so the name of it stuck in my head.

My gifted ring

After she left I put the ring on my pink finger (it’s the only finger it fits on currently) and it felt comforting. Usually I’m not very found of used items because of the energies that they carry, but this ring almost made me smile the second I saw it. I took to Google to look up what Moss Agate does. (As someone deep in the metaphysical all stones and crystals have preported benefits and uses.)

Moss Agate and New beginnings

There it was, mention of a new beginning. It could very well be more coincidence but it feels like a genuine sign. I’ve had a lot of thoughts lately about a lot of different paths and the past two weeks seem to be letting me know that it’s time for something to change.

I’m excited and nervous and I’ve had an uncharacteristically positive outlook on life for a consistent while lately. I’ve grown significantly in a few months and I feel like I’ve gotten a lot more of a handle on my emotions and my anxiety.

Have you noticed a lot of butterflies flying around you lately? Am I the only one?

I’m still taking it as a sign to keep doing what I’m doing and take any opportunities that come my way.

Your homework for this post: Keep your eyes open for your own signs. Keep track of strange coincidences that happen to yourself and see if they lead to anything of note worthy. There’s so many different signs that can come your way if you believe in that stuff. Animals, words, and objects can often pop up with a strange regularity. Maybe you keep seeing hearts in random places like a ketchup spill or a folded tissue that looks just like a heart. Some people find feathers in odd places where feathers shouldn’t be. Pennies from heaven (as I’ve mentioned before) can also be a sign.

So… what’s your sign? Are you even asking for one?

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