Happy Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day automatically fill the mind with images and feelings. Some people hear it and think of the colors red and pink. Your mind is filled with images of stuffed animals, flowers, hearts, and balloons. Chocolates and cards sell like hot cakes. Elementary kids buy mini cards of their favorite TV show or movie to pass out in their classrooms.

Some people hate the holiday and it fills them with sadness or anger. Some people have loved ones who have passed and the holiday is only another reminder of what’s been taken away all too soon. Other’s have no special person in their life that they love and today is a reminder to them of how lonely they can feel.

It’s a complicated day and has been since it’s inception. February 14th was the day St. Valentines day was killed. It started as a day of remembrance and devotion. Eventually shifting to the devotion of your loved ones. There’s many different reasons why people believe the holiday has shifted to one of romance and love. Scholars continue to debate the reasoning and you can look up millions of ideas and theories behind it.

St. Valentine himself! The patron saint of love and epilepsy. (Yes, I’m serious.) He was a martyr who is celebrated and recognized by Catholics to this day.

I do not think of Valentine’s Day as simply a commercialized holiday funded by Hallmark to sell candy, cards, and flowers, although many people do treat the holiday as such. I’ve always been the type of person to prefer a day of memories made to a day of gifts that won’t last very long.

I am quite the romantic. I remember on Valentines day one year being so torn between two cards that I bought both for my boyfriend. I wrote very long, sweet, enduring messages in both. Only for him to read them and throw them directly into the trash. Ay, the difference between a manly man and a sentimental man. I still have Valentines that I received from friends in High school. My policy has always been, if you’ve spent the time to write something of substance I am keeping the card forever.

These are the kind of gifts that pop into my mind when I think of Valentines day. Although, I simply prefer an assorted box of chocolates of ANY shape or size. Assorted chocolates are my favorite kind of chocolates.

I love how other countries celebrate the day as well. In Italy La Festa Degli Innamorati is really only for lovers. Especially celebrated by younger people. In America it’s custom to buy anybody you love something. I’ve seen teachers, parents, or any female receive a little box of chocolates on the holiday just to let them know they are special to you.

My favorite is Mexico! They Call it El Día del Amor y la Amistad and it’s a day to celebrate love and friendship. Showing your friends how special they are to you with little gifts and acts of love. We need more days that celebrate each other.

In Argentina it’s a whole week of being sweet to each other. In South Korea you’re expected to do a unique experience together. In Ghana it’s NATIONAL CHOCOLATE DAY (waiting for my assorted chocolates). In parts of China it’s a day for your sister to be celebrated. In Estonia it’s for EVERYONE to be celebrated. In Japan you are expected to give or make a very unique gift. In Bulgaria today is all about the wine. Every country has it’s own traditions of what’s expected.

When I was single and younger I would usually take another single friend of mine out to dinner or lunch or Valentine’s Day. It was a way to make sure we both felt celebrated and loved even without a partner. I think it’s just a day to feel special.

There were years where I didn’t have any plans, so I would by my own damn chocolate and watch myself a romantic movie. It’s all about how you decide to celebrate the holiday.

In my opinion, one of the best romantic comedies I’ve ever seen. Absolutely wonderful.

To my friends and family, my readers and followers, to strangers who happen upon this page today, may your day be wonderful and filled with laughter and smiles! May you go to sleep tonight with a smile on your face knowing that no matter who you are, where you are, or how alone you feel that someone, somewhere does care about you deeply. Just remember that not everybody can show love in the same way. Stay loved, stay strong, and stay blessed!

However you celebrate today, enjoy it.

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