What the World Needs Now…

is Love Sweet Love.

“Ladies and gentlemen… Mr. Burt Bacharach!”

Burt Bacharach put it perfectly in his song. I have not written in so long it feels so strange to sit in front of a keyboard and write again. Someone close to me asked me for the link to my blog again, because they wanted to catch-up or share it with someone and it made me feel like I’d forgotten about an old friend. I’d written so often, only to stop suddenly. Even after a few posts that announced I was going to get back in the habit, I still managed to fall out of it just as quickly.

With the world in all it’s turmoil it’s hard to find the motivation to sit here and write. I talk often about moment’s I’ve had with my residents. However they’ve been quarantined to their rooms until further notice since March. So I’ve not been able to see the people that brought so much energy to my soul.

With traveling being deemed hardly safe I have not been able to fly back home to Boston to spend time with my family either. The last time I saw them was in December.

In Boston the quarantine is being taken more seriously than it is here in the Midwest. My family has been mostly unemployed since the virus hit. Man, it feels like I’m writing a piece of fiction to talk about a virus that’s destroying my country. In fact I’m almost disappointed I didn’t write more during this time, because just the ability to look back and be able to read about what was going on in my life during the great Pandemic of 2020 is surreal.

I’ve got so many thoughts about the virus, our President, civil unrest, the sandstorms, earthquakes, killer bees, jelly fish. Somebody really needs to remake a version of R.E.Ms It’s The End of the World As We Know It and update it for this bonkers year that we’re having.

I have to say that I am, for the most part, doing ok. I’ve been fairly blessed that myself, and my family have not been hit with the virus (that we know of). I have had friends who had it though, and have lost about 17 people I know to the virus. It is a very serious disease and I pity anyone who takes it too lightly.

I pray that all of my readers have been safe and healthy in these trying times. I am deeply opinionated on a lot of the politics and social unrest going on, but I may keep that from here because I don’t want to argue on this site. For me, this is a safe space. You also can’t fix stupid, so anybody arguing against…well maybe I’ll save it for it’s own post.

A lot has changed in my life since the last time I’ve written as well. My boyfriend and I finally got our own apartment. It all happened so quickly but It’s been a wonderful experience so far. He and I have gotten closer now that we have our own space. It’s small and modest, but it’s filled with love and a lot of nitpicking. We moved in right before the entire county shut down, so our timing was impeccable. It also happened to be a Friday the 13th the day we moved in. Yet, we’re had pretty much a wonderful experience living here. Aside from the minor maintenance ailments that are common with rental apartments.

We’re in a beautiful complex that has ducks and geese, pools, a gym, and other amenities. It would be nice to make use of these amenities but they promptly shut down after the quarantine…except the ducks and geese. Nothing can stop the geese.

I also finally managed to get my Drivers License! 16 years later than most people but an accomplishment none the less. I’m usually really bad at sticking to deadlines that I set for myself. However, when it came to driving, I picked a day and let it stick. I passed by the skin of my teeth but I’m an officially licensed driver. I’ve also faced one of my greatest fears head-on. I felt so accomplished because I will never again have to talk about why I don’t have a license or why I’ve put it off. It’s done. I can drive.

Here we go!

Now it’s only a matter of sticking with some of my other goals. The quarantine and the essential bachelor pad my boyfriend and I have going have led to some unwanted weight put on. I even went so far as to sign-up for DDP Yoga hoping that the monetary commitment would keep me motivated to keep doing it. Lot’s of people saw incredible results using this system. However with Domino’s on Speed dial and a lot of time spent inside or at work (in a kitchen) the weight did not go anywhere.

How I feel right now.

I did however feel wonderfully physically while doing Yoga. I’m currently on a hiatus because, quite simply I’m feeling unmotivated and lazy. Yes, I admit it myself I’m lazy. It’s hard to be motivated this year with everything going on. I’m lucky enough to still be working so the fact that I interact with people on some level is good, but I’ve spent a lot of time inside on the couch during quarantine.

You gotta feel those muscles!

I know I need to work on eating habits again, I’ve done it before and I KNOW I can do it again, but It’s so hard to get on track right now. I don’t have any excuse other than food just tastes really good and is very comforting right now.

However, things are changing for me. Slowly but surely. I’m hoping that writing more will keep me more motivated…I’ll feel like I’m being held accountable.

Current Goals: DEADLINE OCTOBER 31st

-Have written AT LEAST once a week either here or on a personal project.
– Lose 10 pounds by hook or by crook.
-Study/use Tarot cards at least once a week.

Wish me luck

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