Covid Finally Got Me

After almost THREE YEARS of avoiding this virus that seemingly attacked everyone I knew, I finally succumbed to it. The only people I knew personally who hadn’t gotten it yet were essentially agoraphobic and hadn’t gone out much in years.

How my Covid test came at me

Having worked in the trenches of nursing homes throughout this pandemic while it was at its scariest I managed to somehow stave it off. Yet this time we had an outbreak at work and it snuck up on everyone and took out a good portion of us. I had tried my best to stay safe.

I think I even figured out how I got it. I used the vending machine at work (something I seldom do) and decided I wanted Cheeze-its for a snack. Without thinking about it I started to eat them and as I was half-way through the bag I thought “I forgot to sanitize my hands… I hope I don’t get sick”. Now, I can neither confirm nor deny that my trip to the vending machine was what caused my Covid. However I’ve been so careful that I’m convinced my unhealthy snack may have been much unhealthier than I imagined.

Got my two right wisdom teeth removed too! Ugh what a week

The best part is I had my wisdom teeth removed on Thursday and started showing symptoms on Friday. So I’m really going through a hell of a ride. Friday was the worst of it. My gums hurt and I was suffering from a mild fever, headache, chills, and congestion. Overall a mild cold.

Yesterday I started to feel better already and my fever broke. I was actually optimistic that I had made it through the worst for me. Then today I woke up and I’ve lost my sense of taste and smell. This symptom has hit me harder than the rest because it’s usually long term. Also let’s be real, I’m fat and I love to eat. Not tasting and smelling my food is a serious hit.

The emotional toll is probably the hardest hit I’ve taken. I also gave it to my boyfriend who is taking it extremely well considering how upset he used to get when I would give him a cold. He seems to be a day behind me in terms of symptoms and his fever broke today.

Overall I should be grateful because so many people I know have had so much worse symptoms. They suffered for much longer. Some of my friends are even on their second or third bout of this hellacious virus despite being vaccinated and even boosted.

I’m disappointed both in myself for catching this when I could have been more vigilant and also with the management team at my job. I feel like they could have handled it a little better this time around and prevented it from spreading even farther. I’m just angry though. I want someone to blame. My emotions are high. I’m tired of phone calls.

I didn’t post about it on social media but I let my family back home know and the daily calls are not making me feel better, they are making me feel worse. I can’t explain it. I think it’s just an irritability from feeling unwell.

With a lot of free time and not really being able to go anywhere or do anything expect more writing. It’s probably a good thing for me to write again. I did so well. Like so many things in my past no matter how well I do I always stop.

I’ve done it with weight loss more than once.

With writing

With tarot

I can’t think of anything that I stick with in the long term. Which is also further effecting my mental health. I could be so successful if I stuck with something, ANYTHING, long enough.

One day at a time…. That’s all we get anyway.

So just take it one day at a time.

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