The Full Stag Moon

I have been having this odd feeling lately, a feeling like something big is about to happen.

I looked up when the next full moon was, and it’s tonight. Tonight is the night of the Stag Moon.

The Stag Moon is called as such because of the fact that it is in the month where most Stags begin to grow their antlers.

It’s not just a full moon tonight, it’s actually a super moon. One of those evenings when the moon looks larger than usual because it’s closer than usual. It’s supposed to be a very powerful moon tonight if “you’re into that”.

I’ve had some time for reflection lately. Like most adults, I’ve had a lot on my mind lately and a lot on my plate. Getting sick when I did really gave me time to sit at home and think. To think about what I do with my time, with my body, and with my mind. It’s really been time to ponder my life.

Now we are in July, it’s more than halfway through the year and a lot has happened this year and also NOTHING has happened this year. I’m sick of the nothing. I’m tired of the nothing. I’m ready for challenges and change.

I used to be the person that HATED changed. In fact even though I sit here and say that I’m ready for change I’m sure that part of me is going to be resistant of change because that’s just who I used to be. I’m still ready for it.

I’ve been watching a lot of Kitchen Nightmare’s lately. If you are unfamiliar with the show it is when Chef Gordon Ramsey goes to a restaurant that is failing. He assesses what the issues are and does his best to change the restaurant so that it can succeed and grow. Like true American Television it is completely full of drama and yelling. A majority of the reason behind the drama is the manager/owner/head chef is usually too stubborn to change. They would rather hold on to what they are comfortable with than risk the idea of CHANGING things to better themselves or their business.

Chef Gordon Ramsey

If you are comfortable, you are not growing.

The show, and the deeper meaning that I am finding behind it all lines up with this moon in an auspicious manner.

I feel like it is time in my life for big uncomfortable changes. The Stag Moon is supposed to be one filled with lots of enthusiasm, idealism, and creativity. A little ironic that I just started writing on my blog again recently isn’t it?

There’s going to be a lot of emotions brewing in the coming months and just like all the summer thunder storms that the summer is known for, this is what I’m envisioning. It’s going to be a chaotic, emotional, dramatic summer.

When you plant a seed and water it to grow the seed must first CRACK. It must completely be ripped apart in order to grow into something bigger and better. When a caterpillar begins it’s metamorphosis it is literally melted down into a goop before it becomes a beautiful butterfly. I can also guarantee that most woman will tell you that giving birth is quite the painful experience. From that pain, comes life. Growth. New beginnings.

You can’t let the past hold you back or decide who you become. You can let it influence you, but you can’t let it drive you.

I’ve got a lot of work to do. I think I need to start planning on a whole different life.

One of the things about this time period is people tend to have a lot of really vivid and prophetic dreams. My dreams have indeed been very vivid, I can’t speak to how prophetic they have been though because…well, I haven’t been to the future yet.

There’s a lot of unrest in my life and in the world. A lot of questions. A lot to be unsure about. One thing I do know is that when a chapter ends it does not mean the end of the book. It just means another chapter is about to begin.

May the Stag Moon bring you all blessings and good change in your life. May all the turmoil and thunder storms lead to delightful growth and vivacious life! Here’s to the beginning of the rest.

Let’s keep reading together and see where this full moon takes us shall we?

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