Transitional Technology Generation

This evening I had started writing a previous blog (which I saved and will finish another day) when my boyfriend came home. We started having a conversation and it spurred such a good point that I felt to need to write about it and share it with all of you.

Somehow amidst everything we were discussing we came upon the conversation of technology and our generations. My generation is really a transitional generation in terms of technology. We are old enough to know 8-tracks and albums, but we lived through cassettes, CDs, Mp3s and now streaming. Back in the day if you wanted to share a song with somebody you had to make a mixed tape or burn them a CD. Now you can little share a song through text, in an instant message, or both watch it on YouTube. Our generation saw all the transitions to get here but the next generation (my little’s brothers generation or even more so my nephews) is born into it.

In 1997, thanks to AOL, we saw the popularization of instant messaging. I was 9 years old. It was also the year that texting started to become popular. As I grew up we were able to refine the technology. I’ve been texting and chatting since I was a tween and it’s only gotten better and more dynamic. The first iPhone was released in 2007 when I was 19. Although I’m not an iPhone user I have since seen and appreciate how it helped develop, refine and inspire cell phones in the past twelve years. Today’s iPhone 10 is a completely different beast than the original. My nephew was born with these advanced pieces of technology.

My nephew was born into the technology era. He already knows about youtube, google, and streaming. He’s got a very vast vocabulary for such a young age and he’s incredibly smart. We’ve made so much progress in technology that many of the past mythos such as Virtual Reality and Augmented reality have actually not only come to fruition but are fairly common place. Things we had to wait to see grow and start out have already vastly evolved for him.

Nintendo already has a kid friendly VR attachment that’s available for the Switch. Something that I thought I would never see outside of a Futurama episode is going to be common place. Things that would have taken me ages of tinkering to figure out a younger person would figure out immediately because they are born with this technology all around us.

We can all relate to the mothers who can’t figure out a computer. I love my mother very much but she’s technologically scared. It’s all new and scary to her. It will always be, and the more it advances the more it can intimidate. My generation is used to things being outdated and are constantly waiting on the next version or update. The next generation will only have to refine it even more before they start doing all sorts of technological marvels.

They will probably spend less money on owning things as more becomes available to stream everything. With options like Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Spotify you have no reason to ever have to purchase a movie, book, or CD again. Although there will always be those of us who are a sentimental few clinging to our paper books (because it is literally the best feeling in the world to hold a book) or gazing over our video game collection or CD rack. The next generation probably won’t have or want that. Any song you can think of can be in your pocket for 9.99. You don’t even need to leave the house to buy your favorite game. It’s already downloaded and waiting for you to play it.

Gone will be the days of hoarders and people of the material, it is going to be a generation of pure information. Unfortunately I think technology can also destroy how to actually connect and talk to people because they virtually connect and talk to people. It’s both a blessing and a curse in some situations.

My boyfriend and I rambled on and on about the possibilities both positive and negative, but it really sparked my interest. We’ve seen floppy disks, CDs, USBs and cloud storage. Where else can they go with it?

What are your thoughts on technology advancing and the next generation with technology?

Also, what piece of technology do you wish never went away or really caught on harder?

I personally miss Pocket Rockers and think they were the best.

pocket rockers circa 1988

I will also forever mourn Blockbusters

My nephew wouldn’t understand renting a movie, and having to rewind it.

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