Do you see him in the clouds?

My aunt would ask me 'Do we have any milk in the fridge?' and I wouldn't know. She'd get mad, 'How do you not know? You were just looking in the fridge!'. I didn't see the milk because I wasn't looking for it. It could have been right in my face but because I wasn't looking for it I didn't see it. Stuff like that happens all the time. If you're not looking for stuff sometimes you won't see it or notice it, even if it's right in front of your face. That's how spirits work


Friendship: Revisited

After re-reading a post that is 14 years old it made me realize that I've always held friends in an esteemed place. These are my views on friendship and my commonalities may not be across the board. Maybe you really struggle making friends or choose not to have any. Maybe you've never put friends ahead … Continue reading Friendship: Revisited