Amazing Grace

I’ve mentioned before that every night after dinner I am responsible for taking the residents who smoke outside on the patio and supervise their smoke break. I often grab one of the chairs and sit with them so I’m at eye level with them instead of walking around constantly.

One of my residents started randomly brought up the fact that when her mother had passed she sang Amazing Grace at her funeral. She started talking about how difficult of a loss it was for her. Then there was a silence about us for a minute, and I’m not sure why, but I started singing Amazing Grace myself. Slowly at first. She looked at me and smiled and we nodded at each other. Then she started singing along with me. It only took a few lines before another resident joined in. There we were sitting outside on a chilly autumn evening singing Amazing Grace to the sky.

There was something very special about that moment. It just felt….meaningful.

There’s something so magical about a group of people singing, especially when they join in slowly as if trying to almost resist. Nobody lead us in our singing, it just started with one person singing and before long there was a chorus of us. That’s when it feels the most eventful. I’ve seen dozens of singing flash mob videos and they always give me goosebumps.

The next time you get the opportunity, you should sing along with someone. See if others join in, most times you won’t be disappointed.

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