Grief: The Ball in the Box

Grief is eventually a part of everyone's life. I have been fortunate enough to only deal with the grief of losing a loved one a few times in my life. My immediate family has been fairly blessed to not have to deal with as much loss. Some people seem to have to go through it … Continue reading Grief: The Ball in the Box

Coming Out

I've been out openly as a homosexual since my teenage years. I was lucky enough that I didn't have to fear my family taking it poorly. I didn't think they'd abandon me or kick me out, the worse I thought was that it would make things slightly uncomfortable for some of us. I came out … Continue reading Coming Out

It’s Never Too Late for Change

"Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending." ~Maria Robinson Growth is painful. I'm sure you all remember growing pains. Change is painful. If you think a caterpillar enjoys the feeling of metamorphosing into a butterfly then you're sadly mistaken. Nothing is as painful … Continue reading It’s Never Too Late for Change