Pennies From Heaven

It’s important to realize that everything has an energy about it. I’ve mentioned it before, and will undoubtedly return to that topic more than once. The energies we carry have unparalleled powers and effect our everyday lives.

I’m sitting in a barbershop in East Boston that has been a staple here for decades. My grandmother’s best friend (let’s say Old Man Mick) used to visit this shop everyday. His son owns it, and both Mick’s Son and Grandson cut hair here. Mick spent most holidays with us and on most mornings would visit my grandmother for coffee and playing cards.

Mick was always dressed well, loved music, and had a smashing sense of humor. He’d often play the electric keyboard while my grandmother would sing.

Now my grandmother’s great-grandson (my nephew) gets his haircut at the Sons shop. It’s a small world after all.

I look around at all the mismatched furniture, and rather than look strange it gives the shop character. Chairs, couches, and tables from all different styles and backgrounds crowd the small shop. Usually barber shops tend to have sleek, matching, and unassuming chairs. Here there are all different kinds of chairs that have a story. An old rocking chair sits on one side while two mismatched coffee tables that are clearly handed down are cluttered with magazines. Antique vending machines that have been through more stuff than I can imagine are up against the wall. I really liked the one on the right.

Items like that always intrigue me because they’ve seen so many hands, so much energy is absorbed. I feel like anything that old is bound to carry energy in it. Stories of where it’s been and who owned it, just like we each have our own stories.

As I sat there admiring how unique and antiquated everything in the shop was I couldn’t help but think of Old Man Mick. It’s possible that some of these things may have been imbued with some of his energy. It’s possible he never saw anything in this shop and it’s constantly rotating different chairs.

As we sat there, the barber recognized our family, and mentioned our grandmother by name. The barbers son was the one tocut my nephew’s hair while the owner spoke to us during another gentleman’s haircut.

“Yes, that’s us.” We were surprised he recognized us. He spoke of how his father was very close friends with my grandmother. He said he couldn’t believe that it had been 13 years since his father had passed. 2006. We still think of him constantly because he had spent so much time with our family.

I had started this blog post while waiting for my nephews haircut, but the direction of my post changed during the walk home.

We’re big believers in pennies from heaven. My nephew’s mother passed away in November. She seems to use pennies to let us know she’s around. Pennies always appear in auspicious moments. When he graduated from kindergarten we found tons of pennies from heaven. He always seems to spot the pennies.

Even he will admit that not all change in the street is from heaven, that sometimes people just drop money. Sometimes you do however notice a coin in an unusual spot or it just has an unusual aura about it. Those are the pennies from heaven.

We were walking home from the barber shop and my nephew noticed a penny.

“LOOK PENNIES FROM HEAVEN!” And he grabbed it.

This time I don’t think the penny came from my nephew’s mother though. He always says “pennies from heaven”, but seldom, if ever, does he look at the year on the penny. This time he said “2006!”

I started looking around. “Where did you see that?”

“It’s where my penny is from. 2006. It says it right here.”

My mother and I exchanged knowing glances, maybe this penny was from Old Man Mick. She and I started talking about Mick, sharing memories and laughing.

I thought to myself “Mick, if it’s really you, send another penny with 2006 on it.” No sooner than I had had the thought, I heard my mother say:

“Oh look!”

A shiny nickle, from 2006. My mother looked at me we both smiled and exchanged a high-five. It felt pretty clear that Mick was around us.

I told my mother that I asked for the 2nd coin to appear. I was not let down.

Granted, I asked for a Penny and got a nickle (which harkens back to a previous post about limiting what you pray for). Maybe the nickle was his way of saying “here’s 5x what you wanted.”

Maybe the two coins and the conversation were all coincidence, or maybe once again it’s that tricky synchronicity in my life. Spirit always lets you know when they are around.

My mother and I started exchanging stories of times Old Man Mick was around after he had passed. She had never told me those stories and I’d never told her mine.

Old Man Mick is still around is and he proved it in his own little way. How many coincidences need to occur before you stop thinking it’s a coincidence?

If you’ve had signs from Spirit feel free to share them in the comments section.

Your homework: Keep an eye on the ground and see if you start to notice any pennies from heaven.

Pennies From Heaven – Louis Prima

3 thoughts on “Pennies From Heaven

  1. When my aunt Debbie died we accidentally threw out the Revere Journal with her obit. When we realized it and went to retrieve it from the trash it was soaked in garbage and completely ruined.. Every page….except for a perfect rectangle around her obit. The day after her funeral, with no prior plans to, I 100% cold turkey quit a two pack a day smoking habit. I can’t think it’s just coincidence.

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